Hi! I’m Jean. 

Welcome to my blog – I’m so glad you’re here!  This is where I share my handmade cards, crafts, and other art-related projects.


A Little More About Me

I love to make cards and enjoy trying out new techniques and products.  My artistic “style” differs almost daily – it just depends on what I’m making, the look I’m going for, who the intended recipient is, and, well, sometimes just the mood I’m in.  

By nature, I am an uber-organizer and a steadfast planner, but as you’ll see, my creations are much more fluid.  And while I love color theory, the concept of lights and shadows, and the importance of depth and perspective – these are not things I worry about when it comes to my creations. 

I just want what I make to be pretty.  Or cool.   

And even though I sometimes come away with nothing but a really good learning experience, I always find joy in the making.   

I hope that by sharing my cards and other art with you here on my blog you will be inspired to make something of your own, try a new technique, or, if nothing else, just enjoy looking at the pretty (cool) creations.


About Studio JD

Everything you see on this blog is created by me in my home “studio” (thus, the name “Studio JD”).  Every card is unique and made for the sole purpose of bringing joy to me (in the creating of it) and to you (in the receipt of it or the inspiration it brings). 

I do not work for any of the companies whose supplies I use in my creations and I do not (currently) participate in any affiliate programs.  If this changes, I will include the necessary information so that you will be aware before you make your first click.  For now, this blog is simply about sharing my creations and inspiring others.

Lastly, this blog will contain information about various techniques and products that I love.  I will not disparage any company or product. Ever.  That is just not my style.  But I will share what I use and why I love it.


Things I Love

When I’m not making cards or blogging about making cards, my passions include anything geeky (I’m definitely a gadget junkie), reading (anything to do with vampires, werewolves, or witches and I’m all-in), travel (the farther away the better), my puppy (Riley, who brings me joy every day just by being her own cute and somewhat sassy self), and spending time with my husband of 21 years, Endre (who makes me laugh every day, is the best sounding board, and supports me in everything I do – even if it is a bit crazy).