Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Spilled Wine

Hi there!

Many of you know that I spent a good part of the holidays – and my birthday – with a nasty virus. I celebrated New Year’s Eve with 7-Up, Saltines, and Cup-O-Soup.  It wasn’t pretty, but it did, somehow, result in the idea for this card, which perfectly captures how I was feeling about everything at the time.  

To make this card:

1.	Use the Splish Splash stencil to create the spilled wine on the bottom part of a 
        landscaped panel.
2.	Die cut the wine glass out of Mirror Ball card stock and die cut the “wine” that goes 
        into the glass out of white card stock.
3.	Ink-blend the “wine” to be the same color as the spilled wine you stenciled, then 
        trim it to fit the wine glass on its side.
4.	Arrange your wine glass and “wine” on your panel and adhere them with liquid 
        glue.  Trim the stem of the wine glass to fit your panel.
5.	Mount the panel on a piece of black cardstock and then onto your card base.
6.	Heat-emboss your sentiment in black and pop it up on your card front with foam 
7.	Add some glittery gems to give the wine some bubbles and add to the “splash” 

I hope you like this card and that you had MUCH more fun ringing in the New Year than I did!

Have a wonderfully creative day, everyone!



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