Monday, May 29, 2023

Lessons from Dad

Hi there!

Happy Father’s Day!

Even though my own father passed away several years ago, I still try to make a Father’s Day card that reminds me of him in some way.  

My father was an amazing fisherman, and it was something he taught me to do at a young age.  A few years after he passed, I wrote down a few “Life Lessons” he taught me and I thought I’d share them here today instead of my usual posts:

          1. Most problems can be worked through with a walk in the woods, 
              a drive in the country, or a day on the lake.
          2. Always, always, always bait your own hook.  You'll be hungry 
              and disappointed if you wait for others to do for you what you 
              are perfectly capable of doing yourself.
          3. Patience is a virtue… but sometimes it’s best to reel it in and 
              move to a different part of the lake.  
          4. Celebrate every catch.  Even if your little brother says it’s the 
              tiniest perch in the entire lake.  
          5. Catch-and-release is not just about putting the fish back that 
              are too small to eat.  It’s also about planning ahead and seeing
              the bigger picture.
          6. Use the right tool for the job even if you did get lucky and catch 
              your first Northern with an earth worm. 
          7. Recognize what you’ve got.  It can mean the difference between 
              landing something big or having it slip the line.
          8. Pick your battles.  Sometimes it’s better to cut the line and lose 
              the lure than to fight with it and end up with a hook through your 
And lastly...
          9.  Do what you love and share it with everyone.

Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers out there!  And if you are lucky enough to have an amazing Dad, I hope you cherish him every day!



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